Hunt the Moon - Karen Chance From of a mircea fan point of view , the book was sucked. and it was full of action. maybe it's a good thing but it f.cked up my brain.I mentally exhausted =) Dorina basarab series is better than this. I want read more dorina books ! =)
I'm so angry at her !. She literally cheated mircea , and she doesn't feel any guilty or something. maybe she did it for save pritkin's life. but she really enjoyed it.everybody saying mircea put her in a prison like life. but come on guys give him a break. He REALLY loves her. want to protect her. if you read the book properly,you would understand . he doesn't have to do this but, give him a break god damn it ! :D he's mircea except him like he is, or live him alone. yeah cassie live mircea alone , he deserves better than you. go with pritkin . =) go find him go save him , I don't care anymore. you ruined your relationship with mircea. I wonder what would say mircea ,if he knew this making out with pritkin situation. or what would he DO :D